Chameleon Adaptive Palette

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Major new release 3.0 !!!

Note: This version works only on Photoshop cc 2019.1+

Massive update - complete rewrite for future compatibility and extensibility. A Plethora of new features, including Sliders! And keyboard control via external scripts. Too many new features to list, but you could always get a preview/overview by visiting

Again Please note that this version is for CC 2019.1 and above - for older versions (cc2016+) please use the older Chameleon 2.5.1

Update 2.5.1

Bug Patch

2.5.1 had a bug that would cause errors if the "Brightness" strip was turned off. Some cosmetic stuff too :)

Updated to 2.5.0  - Photoshop CC 2019.1 compatible  (Feb20, 2018)

 Ui Overhaul - plenty of small polishes

 Information bar introduced (will be more obvious why soon :))

 Massive Optimisation. Now runs and opens instantly after the first load!

 (behind the scenes) Facility for future keyboard shortcut control implemented.

Updated to 2.4.5    - Photoshop CC 2018 compatible

Chameleon Adaptive Palette is a smart palette/swatch system that changes intelligently to keep you in the flow.

An unique entirely new panel based on the tech of the fabulously received Dynamic Swatches series. Chameleon Palette is a single panel that changes according to your needs. Feature rich and CPU light (it takes no resources while painting) it does everything the Dynamic Swatches did and more. All, again, in one incredibly flexible panel.

For more information and demo video please feel free to visit :

Chameleon is fully compatible with both Mac and PC versions of Photoshop CC2016 and above :)

      Now also available in the Color Tools bundle:  link

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Chameleon Adaptive Palette

26 ratings