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By popular request!

  With the resounding success of Chameleon Adaptive Palette, many artists have been asking why I don't have a bundle package available.  If you've bought any of my packages or extensions in the past you'll know I'm always open to suggestions - so here it is !

Note: The May 2018 Update now includes the Major release of Chameleon 3.0 for Photoshop cc 2019.1+   :)  If you're an existing customer these Updates are always free of charge :)

   Included in this bundle are

   •  Chameleon Adaptive Palette
   •  Color Nudger
   •  RH Hover Color Picker
   •  RH BlendPaints 

    Normally priced at $40 collectively, available here together for $24.

Please note that while all these packages work on both Mac and PC, they are designed to work on modern and future Adobe CC products, CS.


This product is not currently for sale.


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RH Color Tools Bundle

17 ratings