QOL Tools: Select Same Vertex Count

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Select Same Vertex Count

The Select Same Vertex Count addon is an elegant and rapid way to select objects.  

 Have you ever (read: daily) had a scenario where you're selecting things in a scene and looking for every version of the same thing ?  It's a one-click solution now, found under the "Select" menu of course.  As with all QOL products, it's just a quality of life thing that makes everyday Blender use that bit smoother !

To Use:   Simply select one object and then Menu>Select same vertex count.   If you have multiple objects selected, it adds anything with the same vtx count as the active object.   


If there are a few pesky objects that have a few extra vertices.. simply adjust the "wiggle room" slider to include them!

  Demo Video



Note that this addon is also available as part of the discounted QOL Tools: Full Collection package!

QOL Full Collection

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QOL Tools: Select Same Vertex Count

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